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GreenLeaf & Grace



Your home is your sanctuary. Why not create the space that inspires you, cleans the air, and calms your soul? Let all that greenery and LIFE enhance YOUR life. 

Want to make the perfect first impression with buyers? Or are you looking to revitalise your home with some new plants? GreenLeaf & Grace will deliver lush, vibrant plants that will immediately transform any room, bringing new life and energy to even the most challenging spaces. 

Based in Dallas, Texas we offer plant staging and plant decor services for any budget, large or small.

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GreenLeaf & Grace supplies living, healthy plants in beautiful pots for home staging. 


We offer both indoor and outdoor plant stagings, with a wide range of different plants available. 


The packages offered are a mix of floor-standing plants, table top feature plants, centerpieces, or hanging pots. 


GreenLeaf & Grace has the design and decor expertise to determine which plants will best enhance the spaces in your home and outdoor areas, giving you the sanctuary you always dreamed of.

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GreenLeaf & Grace also provides plant décor consultations.


If you’re looking to refresh the interior design of your home with plants, we can provide a consultation and recommend plants for purchase, or purchase the plants for you and install them in your home, creating a personalized design concept that best suits your home.


Use the form below to get in touch about scheduling an in person consultation visit. We will prepare a custom made quote just for you. We look forward to learning more about your plant needs and working with you to create the space you have always dreamed about.

GreenLeaf & Grace

I created GreenLeaf & Grace after a new found obsession with plants turned from hobby to business. Plants became part of my life after a beauty appointment at someone’s house who’s home was delightfully decorated with so much greenery and life that I felt such a calming feeling of peace and tranquility. 

The next day I bought my first few house plants and I can’t tell you what a difference it made for my home.  Soon my humble space became a sanctuary for me and my family and eventually friends and guests.The true light bulb moment for me was when we put that home on that market.  By then our entire home was perfectly staged with lush, healthy and happy plants.  Our realtor told us how EVERY potential buyer who came to see the home were blown away at the space we had created and how much they loved all the plants!  

Soon after I became a consultant for people who wanted to add life to their space, or help stage their homes for going on the market and soon started GreenLeaf & Grace.

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GreenLeaf & Grace is based in Dallas, Texas. We provide plant staging and décor services.

Your home is your sanctuary, create the space that inspires you, cleans the air, calms your soul, and let all that greenery and LIFE enhance YOUR life


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